One of the most important aspects of SEO is your blog, this right here. You can add new posts by simply going to your control panel and clicking “Blog Posts”. It’s very simple, just give your post a title and write some content. Some images are nice as well.

Google and Bing loves fresh, organic content and will consistently score your website higher as you post more and more blog posts. Like your store, you can categorize your blog and tag your posts as it gets bigger to allow readers to easily find your posts and to give search engines a better way to understand what your blog post is about.

You don’t have to call this your blog, you can call it “News”, “Tips”, or “Posts”. But it is very important that you keep it up-to-date and keep posting!

Of course, you will want to remove this blog post before you’re ready to start giving this website out to people, but before you do, create your own blog post first! Be sure to introduce your new website in the tone and manner you want your customers to remember you by! It’s as important as your first tweet on twitter!